RheinEnergie calendar 2018 
ConcepT / Illustration 
RheinEnergie held a painting competition for primary school children for their family calendar in 2018. In addition, the idea came to develop a character that would accompany the calendar owner through the year and tell a story. - Benny, the RheinEnergie dog. Benny is a Golden Retriever and was born in December of the previous year. In the calendar he grows over the year to a young dog.
Calendar 2019
Benny, the RheinEnergie Dog
​​​​​​​In the following year Benny should get his second performance. This time Benny is the sole focus of the wall calendar. He experiences and learns the year through interesting things and visits exciting places in Cologne and at RheinEnergie. The following illustrations were made for the